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  “Our team of professionals is highly experienced and knowledgeable in both international and Chinese regulatory, accounting and tax issues, as well as finance and business advisory. As a correspondent member of DFK International, a major international association of independent accounting firms and business advisers, we provide a most comprehensive array of professional services to our clients at their pre-investment and post-investment stages. To this end our services cover the following aspects:”

Pre-investment Stage:
 Sourcing of investment opportunities and joint venture partner identification and evaluation
 Feasibility studies , market research on industry, product potential, competitors, customers profile, entry strategy
 Due diligence on financial performance, asset valuation and management profile of target companies
 Negotiation on finalizing investment deals
 Setting up of joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned entities; completing all legal and regulatory procedures pertaining to their full operation
 Development of overall business strategy in China; building an appropriate team of staff; engaging professionals of different disciplines to meet varying needs
 Production support including quality control, follow up on shipment and managing suppliers
 Arrangement for financing in the form of bank loans, convertible instruments and equity investment

Post Investment Stage:
Our post-investment service covers monitoring financial and other aspects of the investment project from inception. The monitoring mechanism is in effect an internal control function. It is intended to be relied upon by management at the Head Office to provide them with a reasonable level of comfort that adequate internal control procedures are established at overseas operations to prevent misappropriation of company assets. The need for Monitoring arises from:
 Possible misappropriation by staff
 Incompetent staff
 Head office staff lacking adequate knowledge of local customs and operational environment
 Inherent distrust
 Breakdown in communication
 Desirability for a good deterrent to prevent irregularity (before damage is done!)

In these regards we provide our clients with:
 Recommendation to management to improve all aspects of control
 Monitoring of local management to minimize opportunities for irregularity
 Close-range vigilance over local management to enhance performance
 Providing second opinion to Head Office on contentious issues
 Enlightening management on local business practices
 Independent review to add credibility to local management

Accounting and Operational Support:
 Maintenance of accounting books and records
 Preparation of periodic and annual accounts
 Handling of commercial papers, e.g. banking and shipping documents
 Target screening and evaluation
 Negotiation support
 Establishment of operating entity: JV, WFOE, FICE
 Completion of legal and regulatory requirements
 Performance monitoring

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