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Sino-Bridge Management Consulting Limited
  Coming from a diverse business background, members of our advisory team put their industry experience and global exposure to best use when helping our clients formulate the best strategy to build and nurture their China business. Whether you are looking for expansion opportunities for strategic growth, building “guanxi” (connection) with Chinese officials at the right level, searching for best approach to sourcing, or seeking answers to organizational and people problems, we can address your needs through a comprehensive range of consulting services that cover the following areas and beyond.

1) Management and Business Advisory

The increased complexity of the evolving business environment gives rise to the need for an increasing level of management expertise as well and quality decision making. We help clients to visualize the big picture, manage change, improve efficiency, respond quickly to threats and opportunities and stay focused. We take ownership of client problems and assignments to ensure that we fully understand them and address them proactively.

Tailored Service Coverage
 Diagnosis of enterprise and business issues through fact-finding study and issue analysis
 Recommendations for problem solving and tabling of options to facilitate decision making
 Strategizing to set right directions for future growth
 Blueprint to tackle issues for improvement and action plans for execution
 Helping hand to implement and monitor results

2) Strategic Sourcing and quality control

Combing for ways to cut costs along your supply chain?
 Not sure whether the way you source from China is the right one?
 Finding alternatives to sourcing through trading companies which add to your costs without yielding commensurate benefits?
 Not sure whether trading companies work for you, the suppliers or themselves?
 You switch your agents repeatedly, but still cannot find a satisfactory one?

If any of your answer to the questions above is in the affirmative, time spent on finding out how we can help you will be one of your smartest investments for your company. We organize our business with your interests at the core and take it seriously to our heart to nurture a long term relationship with you. We cannot accept to be “just another” trading or sourcing company..We position ourselves as your partner in your pursuit for cost reduction and business growth through China. Our experienced sourcing executives:
 work with professional integrity and honesty
 understand well your industry
 will be deployed and trained to cater to your specific needs
 will be evaluated and rewarded with respect to your benefits
 closely communicate with you
 proactively process and follow through your orders
 ensure impeccable quality for your products
 dedicate themselves to serving your business as if they were your own staff

Key Service Features

We provide our clients with the following services which we believe will be most conducive to their intended operation in China:

1. Product Development/Innovation
 Identifying quality suppliers/manufacturers
 Seeking materials/components/products to meet their ultimate product requirements and enhance the competitive edge of their products/business
 Playing a comprehensive co-ordination role at the initial stage of building a concrete relationship with prospective suppliers
 Cementing for their company a most constructive and positive relationship with the suppliers

2. Order Processing/Follow-up
 Liaison with suppliers from the very point an order is placed and throughout the whole period to delivery to meet the exact needs of their company in good time

3. Quality Control
 Continuous process to ensure quality will meet the exact requirements of their company
 Factory/production facility audit and evaluation
 Quality and safety conformity assessment
 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Auditing

3) Executive Search
Our Executive Search Division is specialized in the placement of candidates for international companies with strong growth needs and well funded startup firms in China and Hong Kong. The candidates in our talent pool include strategic leaders, "hands on" managers or someone who is expected to run a large operation or company.

Our mission is to help clients identify and match the best talents to grow their business and achieve corporate goals. Our seasoned executive search consultants have had over two decades of combined experience in HR/training/staffing/recruitment in Hong Kong and mainland China. They are well positioned to offer pragmatic recruitment advice and solutions to clients to assist them with the matching of the right candidate with minimum hiring risks and costs.

Ms. Eleanor Ng, the head of this Division, in her previous position as General Manager of Job88, turned the company from a simple start-up to a 200-staff operation which was elected “2006 Top 100 HR Brands in China” by the World Management Review Magazine and Robert H. Smith School of Business, Maryland University.

Our Functional Expertise
Key senior executives in general management, sales, marketing, merchandising, finance and accounting, human resources, engineering, information technology, production, sourcing and quality,

Our Industry Expertise
Manufacturing, consumer and retail, financial services, property development, information technology and telecommunications, internet/e-commerce, human resources, logistics, supply chain management.

Key Service Features
 Dedicated project team with consultants and research specialists in both China and Hong Kong
 Advice on Job Description (JD) and candidate profile
 Provide market update on compensation and benefits and labour laws
 Search, screen and shortlist target candidates for client interview
 Facilitate salary negotiation
 Assist client to prepare job offer and employment contract
 Advice on recruitment/people strategy

How Clients Benefit from Our Executive Search Services
No organization can achieve business goals without having the right talents doing the right jobs. We know because we are entrepreneurs who understand how speed and quality contribute to business success. Throughout the hiring process, you will receive professional advice and support from our experts who will work hand-in-hand with you as your business partner. This will expedite your search, minimize your efforts and improve your chances of hiring the best candidate. We will also help with your recruitment preparatory work so that you can focus on strategic issues. All this will translate into cost savings with minimum hiring risks.

Our Search and Selection Process

Preliminary Steps
1. Initial Client Meeting: Review hiring needs, client expectations and search assignment scope with analysis on job requirements, client company background and company culture.

2. Service Proposition: Present Service Proposal and Consulting Agreement for the search assignment for client review. All search assignments are on exclusive retainer basis.

3. Job Description: Prepare for review, discussion and approval by client/hiring manager.

4. Acceptance: Client agrees and signs Consulting Agreement and processes payment for retainer. Search assignment officially commences with the setting up of a search project team upon receipt of payment from client.

The Search Process
1. Target Pool: Targeted research and identification efforts are carried out to build a pool of candidates in specific fields, industries, professions and functions, from Sino-Bridge candidate data-base, network contacts, and any "source" networks relevant to the search assignment.

2. Potential Candidates: Qualified via telephone and/or video interviews.

3. Short-listed Candidates: Face-to-face interviews will be conducted by the assignment’s lead consultant and preliminary background and reference investigation will be conducted on the short-listed candidates.

4. Recommendations: Present interview report of short-listed candidates with lead consultant’s comments and assessment to client for interview consideration.

The Selection Process
1. Client Interview: Review short-listed candidates with client and make arrangements for interviews.

2. Finalist Screening: Finalist(s) identified for detailed background reference investigation.

3. Compensation/Employment Advisory: Discuss candidate compensation package and employment terms with client and offer advice and update on regulatory requirements in China.

1. Offer: Lead consultant makes verbal job offer to the successful candidate on behalf of client and facilitates final round of negotiations prior to mutual acceptance.

2. Acceptance: Client prepares written offer and letter of appointment for acceptance by the successful candidate.

3. Follow-up: Conduct Client Satisfaction Survey with client/hiring manager, successful candidate and candidates selected for client interview. Client settles balance payment of search fee upon employment confirmation.


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